We’re a small but mighty team on a giant mission to help every business deliver world-class customer service.

Our People

Peter Wright

Managing Director
Peter has over 23 years direct experience in developing and consulting on ERP and Service CRM platforms across a range of industries – with a particular focus on the Service and Manufacturing industries. This has helped to drive his vision to develop darkred as he realised there is no real solution on the market that would enable companies in these industries to drive engagement with customers while empowering their staff to deliver real world class service.

Steven Helberg

Steven has been working to provide solutions to his customers that add value and help to optimise their business processes for the past 20+ years. He understands the role that ERP and CRM systems have to play in an organisation and why darkred is the ideal solution for companies that are focused on drastically enhancing how they approach service to their customers.

Meredith Madhlophe

Service Call Center Manager
Meredith has been the backbone of our call centers for over 10 years – providing valuable input into daily management of a service call center and keeping customers engaged and happy, improving their brand. This ‘field experience’ is what helps to make darkred such a unique Service CRM platform – we build what our clients need, not what we think they need.

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