Powerful features that make it easy to deliver outstanding field service

Our all-in-one platform gives your ops manager, back-office staff and technicians the tools to efficiently manage every stage of your field service.


Job Logging

  • Log service tickets from anywhere (email, call center, online portal)
  • Integrate with your telephone system (e.g. 3CX)
  • EDI interfaces

Job Scheduling

Take the guesswork out of scheduling jobs in realtime. Optimized scheduling means the best technician for the job, with the quickest turnaround time.

  • Easy-to-use, intuitive scheduling tool
  • Allocate technicians based on a balanced scorecard: rating, location, availability and skills
  • Show availability to avoid overbooking

Parts Management

Managing spare parts from the field accurately is the heart of providing efficient service. darkred lets your technicians check on available parts and order new parts in the field, so they can complete the job quickly.

    • Integrate directly with your ERP
    • Display part availability and pricing information to technicians
    • Allow technicians to order spare parts from the field
    • Alert parts managers and trigger backorder process

Technician App

Managing a network of national technicians and subcontractor in real time doesn’t have to be complicated. Our app lets you communicate directly with technicians so they can complete jobs quickly and efficiently.

  • Order parts in the field
  • Optimise technician routes on mobile devices
  • Create instant onsite billing
  • Update job statuses in real time
  • Upload photos, documents and scan barcodes


  • Get full visibility with 360° real-time reporting
  • Access the live dashboard from any device
  • Track performance with KPI monitoring
  • Export data for advanced analysis

Contractor Billing

Reduce internal costs and increase your revenue by simplifying your 3rd party administrative and payment processes.

    • Simplify sub-contractor payments
    • Eliminate reconciliations of 3rd party claims

Customer Experience

  • Proactively manage customer experience.
  • Send automated job validation to customers after job closure
  • Customise customer satisfaction surveys in Survey module

 Automated Communication

From logging the ticket to final sign off, your customers expect a personalized, efficient service. Turn disgruntled customers into loyal fans with ongoing communication from start to finish. Empower them with the option for self-service progress checks.

  • Keep customers updated with regular automated communication on job progress
  • Automated email or SMS at defined status changes
  • Unique customer portal link allows customers to check job progress at any time
SMS content structured to your requirements – messages based on job status changes and will alert relevant stakeholder based on your communication workflows.

Reverse Logistics

Manage product returns process

Business productivity module that enables staff with a robust, controlled environment to assist with the recording and management of the product requests for returns process.

This business efficiency module includes the following processes:

  • Request for Return – for the sales staff user group
  • Authority for Return – trade partner user group

Loan Unit management

Manage loan unit swap out process

Provides a robust environment for clients to swap out a defective unit that need to be repaired off-site, while allowing a customer to continue using your products. Also provides for the Warehouse Management for replenishment stock, and returned items.

This is of particular importance for companies in Rental or Lease environments.

Product Exchange

The Product Exchange (PEX) module provides companies with the ability to effectively manage their product exchange and returns process – Initiate, approve and exchange product based on defined business rules along with the Warehouse Management for replenishment stock, and returned items.

Manage Call Center Agents

  • See live call agent activity
  • Color coded activity for easy interpretation
  • Enable proactive management and respond to live data to maintain SLA’s

Agent Grouping

  • Teams
  • Locations
  • Departments

Performance Monitoring

  • Define SLA by customisable periods
  • Define critical KPI’s
  • Specify performance thresholds for easy alerts


Live Call Integration

  • See real time call details from PBX servers
  • Manage with live KPI & SLA statistics
  • Integrate to PBX agent information for easy setup


  • Email – monitor support mailboxes
  • CRM – view job ticker
  • Helpdesk – manage overdue jobs and tasks

Layouts & Themes

  • Use predefined themes
  • Adjust views and layouts based on number of agents and performance metrics that makes sense to you

Contract Management

Service and maintenance contracts

Create and manage service contracts.

Contract will detail services that the customer is entitled to. Contract details will help service staff to determine what jobs can be scheduled and the rates for the jobs.

In addition, the contracts can have a monthly billing component if required.

COD & Online Payments

Quote and manage payments with payment gateway integration

Automated COD Service payment system that allows for the client to quote for service jobs and receive payment upfront, prior to dispatching any technicians or service agents. Include integration to payment gateway to handle payments.

Quotes and Invoices

  • Simplify customer quoting and invoicing
  • Integrate with your existing accounting software
  • Generate quotations, parts orders and invoices to customers while onsite
  • Allow managers to set custom payment terms (advance payment, on completion, or combination)
  • Link to payment gateways
Quotes for COD work can be created – these can be linked to payment gateways to facilitate easier and more convenient customer payments – streamlining and simplifying the process.


Debit Order Billing

Process monthly payments for insurance, warranties etc

Handling the submission and reconciliation of monthly debit order payments for customer subscription services – e.g insurance policy, service subscription etc. This can be linked to the Contracts Module.

Service call center managed by darkred

darkred provides a fully managed, outsourced service call center service for companies that do not have the resources or the expertise to run their own internal service call center.

We provide the full call center environment – agents and the darkred platform.

We manage the entire job life-cycle – logging jobs, creating tickets, scheduling resources and managing service agents to completion of the job, followed up with customer satisfaction surveys.

For service experiences that strengthen your brand reputation.





“We’ve reduced our recon time from 10 days to 2 hours”

“We used to take 10 days to pay our contractors and services agents. Now, by 10am on the first of the month, our vendors are paid.”

"They are open to our business needs. They understand the industry well, and are always trying to add value"

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